Our commitments and our ethics charter

At the origin of Byoo Store, there is a passion and a real desire to offer an eco-responsible and ethical alternative to all those who wish to consume differently. For this, we have made it our mission to select and bring together the best committed brands that offer sustainable, ecological and clean products. But how do you select them? The choice of brands we offer on Byoo Store is not left to chance and is the subject of meticulous research to ensure that all our criteria are met. Thus, each brand that we select meets our ethical charter which includes specific requirements in terms of social and environmental values. They must meet the following criteria:



We select brands that are committed to limiting their ecological impact and that make sustainable and high-quality products in an environmentally friendly approach and using the most ecological process possible. The components of the products on Byoo Store are ecological: they can be recycled, upcycled, natural or even organic. You will find on each product sheet the detail of the elements that compose it, to leave no room for doubt and allow you to make informed choices knowing exactly what you are buying.



No child labor, shabby workshops or indecent wages ... The brands that you find on Byoo Store are committed to ensuring that all people involved in the production process are respected, work in good conditions and receive a fair level of remuneration. The productions are made according to a fair process and our partners are in regular contact with their manufacturers to ensure that these conditions are respected.



Because we believe in transparency and its benefits on our consumer choices, we are committed to guiding you with kindness towards honest and authentic brands that advocate a responsible lifestyle. Thus, we give you the keys allowing you to know exactly what you are buying, from the composition of an article to the manufacturing workshops, you will know everything!

To sum up, all the brands you find on Byoo Store guarantee products with ecological components, a responsible and fair production process, and total transparency on their production chain. But that's not all ! In our ethical charter, we have established criteria for social and environmental commitments that are based on factual elements. To join us, a brand must meet at least two of these criteria:

Natural components
Biological components
Recycled / upcycled components
Vegan product
Local production
European production
Artisanal production
Eco-responsible initiatives
Social engagement

Find out the exact meaning of each criterion and what we require of brands for each of them here.

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